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07 de Octubre, 2014    General

10/08/2014 Libra Moon

10/08/2014 Libra Moon 10hs51' 

This Full Moon occurs on the 10th house and 4, so the most important thing these days is the profession, politics, social uplift, personal success, connection with others and acceptance, prestige, the connection to embellishing, music, art, expression of the deepest feelings. The positive aspects of Mars and Jupiter give beneficial possibilities of strength, expansion, optimism, and strength to face situations. The conjunction of Venus to the Sun and the Lunar Node north, make loving connections are deeper, and can find a couple of destination couples who gesten here tend to be very durable, or at least not cut the ties although not materialize as marriage, may also indicate that some people achieve unprecedented success, especially those in the art, music, singing, etc., may also be the case that there is a royal wedding a milestone or a change in international relations, it may be that large-scale political connections, or new in the global integration forms are generated. The moon is on the opposite side conjunct Uranus and the Lunar Node South, may indicate that they have to make profound changes emotionally, changes in the outlook on life for the past which has been carrying, it is possible that find potentials that were in a previous life, it can also be a bonding process is done with the family or a reunion, also meeting with relatives long unseen, and re-integrate into the family, it can also be the case you have to move house or migrate to another place outside situations or family situations, or to travel and go to live in another country that is of the ancestors, or perhaps the country itself was left in the past . This full moon associated with the Lunar Nodes may indicate a before and after for many people, and even a complete change in the course of life, can also mean an end and a new beginning in international politics, significant changes in leaders or important groups and leaders of major companies. 
For different signs: 
Aries may be the end of a process of life, and the reunion of a new life, it is likely that changes affecting the family, or are produced by the family, long drives, change in the spiritual, perhaps meet someone important in a previous life, and even a couple. Change from home or country to live. 
Taurus children and work are things that are urging, or are pushing a lot of work and a lot of contact with people.
Gemini many social relationships, strong binding partner, and the wheel of fortune accompanies. 
Cancer changes will not be others, the situation can lead to drastic changes and totals perhaps family will face unusual situations, and even in the workplace or a business partnership. 
I read on one hand has everything going for it, both at family, home, family, sexuality, physical strength, etc., but otherwise be facing considerable controversy or complicated situations. Long and short trips. Good social time and in the profession. 
Virgo side for a good time in the spiritual realm and the professional area, good time to do sports, and good time for students. 
Libra have a total change in their lives, important achievements of destination is likely to find its final destination or changing it much good situations have been waiting, perhaps social success, success in the profession, possibility of lasting love and destination, long trips, and changes in home or in the family. 
Scorpio good time for writers and students, Mercury gives reasonable force, and force to resolve things, disputes with older people, bosses or people in top condition. 
Sagittarius has all the force of optimism, joy and love of life, strength and sexual magnetism, recovery from illness. Long trips. 
Capricorn good chance of achievements of money, but really required or pressured. Disputes with family, little wave with your partner, it is likely that the changes are not in themselves, but forced by the situation. 
Aquarius is as foreign to the situations, but the stars are helping so that everything goes well, good social relations, and good loving family situations. 
Pisces legal solving situations, and situations with siblings, good time for students and teachers, good memory and good reasoning, resistance force. 
RICARDO M. Zani astrologer 


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